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BIMtour is a cycle of presentations on what the implementation of the BIM methodology entails in the construction sector and how it affects each one of its agents.

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Why BIMtour?

Because BIM is now!

Why BIMtour?

Because BIM is now!

BIM is the latest evolution of traditional design systems since it incorporates geometric (3D), planning (4D), cost (5D), environmental (6D), and maintenance (7D) information.
The use of BIM goes beyond the design and planning phases, covering the execution of the project, and extending throughout the life cycle of the building: it allows management throughout the life of the building or the infrastructure, reducing the maintenance costs and operation..


For whom?


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Architects and Technical Architects

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Engineers and Technical Engineers

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Promoters and Construction Companies

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Product Manufacturers

What do we offer you?


We offer companies and professionals who already work with BIM the opportunity of showing their products, projects and experiences throughout Spain. Its presence in BIMtour is a specialized showcase on which to strengthen its commercial strategies.

For those organisations and professionals linked to construction, who have not yet made the leap to BIM, we will show you the best experiences, success stories, and processes, to successfully implement the BIM methodology in your projects and in your product catalog, and how to move towards construction 4.0.

¿Quién dirige BIMtour?


Experiencia en la creación, desarrollo, internacionalización y comunicación de materiales, productos y servicios relacionados con la arquitectura sostenible e industrializada, el ecodiseño y la docencia universitaria y de postgrado. Áreas de investigación: Nuevo Contrato con la Naturaleza (Biomimética), Entornos urbanos y rurales autosuficientes, La transformación de individuos a través de la formación experiencial, BIM, concepto de ligero.