WITS INSTITUTE, S.L. (B-66554148), with address at c./Mallorca, 346, 4º 1ª, 08013-BARCELONA, and in accordance with the RGPD (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament, of April 27, 2016) has placed in practice, policies, means and procedures to guarantee and protect the privacy of the personal data of all those people linked to BIM Academy. In this context, it assumes responsibility for the treatment of the transmitted data and constitutes Delegate of Data Protection to D.Ignasi Pérez Arnal (ignasiperezarnal@bimacademy.es

Its purpose is the participation in the Knowledge Building Information Model (hereinafter ‘BIM‘), to improve and implement workflows in the construction area (both in the fields of engineering and architecture), expressly authorizing the processing of your basic professional contact information (name, company, activity, position, professional management, professional telephone, main activity) in order to participate in the information flows generated, whether participative, collaborative or training activities, among all the participants of the BIM file; this will entail the acceptance that said data be segmented or categorized with the purpose of elaborating profiles in order to improve the BIM experience among all the participants. Allowing same apply to the general management, preparation of statistical studies and potential commercialization in the context defined in the BIM framework. 

The entity responsible for the file and its participants are obliged to observe professional secrecy and adopt the levels of protection and technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security of personal data, avoiding, as far as possible, unauthorized access, illegal modifications, theft and / or loss of data. 

Interested parties can exercise their data the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email to the following electronic address: ignasiperezarnal@bimacademy.es; and in your case, that you are sent in the same way your personal data that they contain in the files of WITS INSTITUTE, S.L. for the purposes of your inquiry. Or its possible rectification or that the authorization for the reception of communications is concelerated and / or revoked, having to notify WITS INSTITUTE, S.L. the effective rectification and / or cancellation of personal data of your file. 

The provision of personal data by BIM Academy users implies the express acceptance of the transfer and transmission thereof, with the same purposes as the previously indicated, to other entities of the environment WITS INSTITUTE, SL, assistants and / or collaborators, as well as to authorize the person in charge of the file to receive from the aforementioned BIM Academy entities information contained in their files, even in an interconnected way for the aforementioned purposes . 

The validation of the consent will be made in the second layer by express reply of the electronic mail summary of the information assigned to the file; as long as this is not validated it will not be effectively processed.