BIMtour with ITCIP

BIM Academy, in collaboration with ITCIP and different public administrations, is preparing an exceptional experience with the creation of a cycle of conferences called BIMtour-join the BIM ecosystem. 

These days will be developed in different cities to bring the BIM methodology (Building Information Modelling) closer to professionals, companies and attending institutions.  Its aim is for attendees to understand the key elements that will help them create a structured plan for the integration of BIM in their projects and processes, at any stage of the construction cycle, making them more competitive, profitable and productive , all thanks to working with this methodology and its technologies. 

The BIMtour days seek to integrate all the groups involved in the development of the BIM ecosystem, raising awareness of the real dimension of BIM and the need for a global vision and an integrated strategy . 

  • BIMtour Gijón – join the BIM ecosystem: The first day will be Alizará in collaboration with the City Hall of Gijón on November 28 and 29, 2018 at the headquarters of the Polytechnic School of Engineers. It will consist of 4 independent sessions, depending on the target audience to which they are intended.


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