The BIMtour session will be next May 8 at 4pm where the BIM will be explained to surveyors and professionals in Zaragoza to learn more about this new methodology. 

From BIM Academy we organize a new session: “BIM for Surveyors and professionals” from 4pm at COAATZ

Bids for public building work must already incorporate BIM requirements from December 17, 2018 and, for new infrastructures, the obligation will be effective as of July 26, 2019 (Ministry of Development). And the large private projects are already being executed in accordance with the requirements of this new methodology. 

BIMtour is an initiative to help the greatest number of agents in the AECO sector in their transition process towards working models according to the requirements demanded by Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0. 

Why attend BIM for surveyors and professionals in Zaragoza?

To know what is the BIM, tips to implement it in an easy way, what tools are necessary (hardware, software and systems) and how this new methodology will contribute to transform the way of projecting, building and maintaining the buildings and infrastructures of our territory.


BIM for surveyors and professionals you are interested if you are

Technical architect, rigger or building engineer who provides management services and execution of works to public administrations and entities, to developers and private constructors, as well as to any other AECO agent of any phase of the value chain of the construction sector that you need to subcontract according to BIM requirements.

BIM for Surveyors and professionals is an initiative of BIM Academy with the collaboration of AllplanACCA SoftwareFaroBexel ManagerGraphisoftBluebeam (SIMBIM)OgunLeica GeosystemsEiPMQwickcostITeCPinearqStructuraliaCT IngenierosatBIMMiller & Co Ibérica, RebuildNibugPetroBIM“Perspectiva” de +CatRàdioCrea.HOUSEIBIMABIMCommunityHabitissimo, SEED y 30virtual.

And with the help of atBIM and the City Council of Zaragoza and with the collaboration of COAATZ.