BIM for professionals, builders and manufacturers

A Coruña, 27 of June



Campus da Zapateira, A Coruña (03082)


Afternoon Session(3:30pm to 8:00pm)

The construction sector linked to Public Administration is experiencing important changes. Bids for public building work must incorporate BIM requirements as of December 17, 2018 and, for infrastructures, the obligation will be effective as of July 26, 2019 by the Ministry of Development. Meanwhile, during the fall, a Government Agreement of the Generalitat de Catalunya will be approved for all projects of more than 5.2 million euros per work and 300,000 euros per project.

Already a large number of private projects are being executed in accordance with the requirements of this new BIM methodology.

BIMtour is an initiative to help the largest number of agents in the AECO sector in their transition process towards creating working models according to the requirements demanded by the introduction of BIM in the Territory / Construction 4.0 relation

Objective of the day

The day will present what BIM is, tips to implement it in an easy way, what tools are necessary (hardware, software and systems), and how this new methodology will contribute to transforming the projecting, building, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructures.


It interests you if you are…

A member of a Professional Association, a manager of a company within the AECO sector -Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Maintenance, an architect, engineer, technical architect, surveyor, or building engineer, manufacturer or manufacturer of construction and interior design products, developer, builder, and any other agent who participates in the building sector and needs to create projects or subcontract according to BIM requirements.



Registration of Participants. Welcome and Agenda of the Day


Exploring Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0
Ignasi Pérez Arnal,  BIM Academy


What is BIM, Its 10 Dimensions, the Benefits and Savings it Brings, and Current Legislation
To be determined


Case Studies with FARO solutions 


Break and Networking


To be determined
Pepe Vázquez, ETSA – Universidad da Coruña


To be determined
To be determined


How to Implement BIM in Organisations: Requirements, Financing, Measurement of Success
Manuel Bouzas, easyBIM


BIM Strategy in the Context of Digital Transformation
To be determined


Round Table





Campus da Zapateira
15071 A Coruña, A Coruña (03082)
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